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Frequently asked questions regarding biminitops.

How do you determine the right size for your boat? 

When ordering a biminitop you can choose from different widths and heights.
The length of the hood is a fixed size.

hoogte breedte biminitop

  • Length hood 3-arch biminitop height 91-137 cm: 183 cm
  • Length hood 4-arch biminitop all heights: 244 cm 

Before you order a biminitop, you must first determine the correct sizes.
The length (L) and the height (H) determine how much shade your biminitop will provide.

Determine where the biminitop will be fixed and what the range of the top is, if you unfold it. 
Also, see where the top comes into a lowered position, at the back of the boat. Convince yourself that there is enough space at the front and back of the biminitop to mount the mounting eyes on the boat, to which the straps of the biminitop are attached.
Using a tape measure, you can determine which length of the biminitop provides the desired amount of shade on your boat.
hoogte breedte biminitopThe main mounting point is approximately in the middle of the biminitop on both sides of the boat. The swivel decouples that come with the top are designed for mounting on flat surfaces. Optional brackets (connection clamp tubes) are available for railing mounting.
After you have determined where the dekogen of the boat will come, measure the distance between these attachment points, in order to determine the width (B) of the top you need. This width is not the same as the total width of your boat. The frame is adjustable in width, so that it can be mounted within the specified range as indicated in the dimensions. Choose the width that most closely matches your measurement of the width between the mounting eyes.
While standing in the boat, measure, straight up, the desired height from the attachment points. You and any passengers must be able to stand well, with sufficient space above your head.

The height of the top is thus measured from the fixing eyes.

On the Internet you will find several videos on youtube how to install a biminitop. Search on Google: "video installation biminitop" . You will probably find a good installation tip that will help you with the installation.

We recommend our sizes, but if you are useful to want to shorten the biminitop in terms of height, look at this film. Please note: If you change the product, we can no longer give you a guarantee. 

If you cannot do this yourself, we recommend a good boat service point. Near Zwolle/Meppel: Boatland Meppel

If you would still like additional information, you can of course always contact us!