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Mounting instructions biminitop (for Sun & Rain protector)

  1. Check and open the box carefully.
  2. Remove the full set of parts from the box.
  3. Place the biminitop cap (the fabric) upside down and flat on the ground.
  4. Insert the sleepers into the fabric covers.
  5. Click the frame in the crossbars through the connectors, then slide it into the fabric.
  6. See 5
  7. Click the connector.
  8. Secure each strap with nuts and bolts as pictured.
  9. Measure and attach the markings for the deck supports and saddles.
  10. Drill the deck supports and saddles and secure them.
  11. Turn the bimini over and place it on deck supports. and tighten all straps to complete your bimini.
  12. See 11.

Use the included English description for the images.


  1. If you are not using the biminitop, fold it up and protect it with the included cover. It lengthens your delivery duration and cap colour.
  2. Fold in the biminitop if your speed is above 45MPH (about 70 km/h)
  3. This mounting instruction is for 2, 3 and 4 arc biminitops. For 2 arc, use the 4 arc instruction.